Putting golf is a new concept. It is a type of golf game and golf course that caters to everyone.
Putting golf is an exciting and challenging golf game for the whole family, everyone can join in on the same terms or play for handicap with extra strokes for beginners!

Putting golf on Dråby Strand Camping

Putting golf can be played by anyone with all mini golf rules, or you can play by putting – golf rules, which are reduced and simplified golf rules. That’s why everyone can join in, both children and adults, but also golfers, who can choose to play the courses according to the normal golf rules!

The courses are made of artificial turf and vary in sizes from 6 to 12 m2 with greens and real sand bunkers, as well as other, but only “natural”, types of obstacles!

The players only use one putter on the course, just like mini golf!