1. The rental contract is only valid for the persons specified in the agreement (2 adults and children living at home and grandchildren under 13 years of age + 1 car)
  2. People / cars / boats must be registered in addition to those included in the season price, and the season price must add an amount according to the current price list
  3. The lease offers the option of inviting grandchildren under 13 years of age at no extra charge. If the children’s parents are on the pitch at the same time, the children are considered the parents’ children and therefore not free grandchildren. Free grandchildren must always be registered with the camp manager
  4. Adults / children in the low season must register at the beginning of the season.
  5. The seasonal price does not include electricity. The electricity is billed according to consumption according to the current price list. The tenant is responsible for the electricity meter (1,400 DKK). Only approved external sockets may be used on the electrical cable between the electrical stand and the caravan.
  6. The tenant and his household must have a valid camping pass, which is deposited with the camp manager
  7. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the campsite’s regulations are followed and that the designated area is always clean, tidy and cut grass.
  8. The waste bins may only be used for normal use. Household garbage. Other rubbish (old chairs, blankets, tents, etc.) will be removed if the camp manager cannot determine a space for it.
  9. The distance between the tent / caravan / reading sail must be at least 3 meters to avoid the risk of fire. It is therefore important that you place your tent / caravan / reading sail at least 1.5 m from the nearest border.
  10. Only breathable underlay may be used under carpets. (Fibertex etc.)
  11. Max. 2 x 3 subjects read loop per. Device must be disassembled if the device is not occupied.
  12. Dog fences must be approved by the warehouse manager and dismantled when the unit is unoccupied.
  13. Storage tents may only be set up after consultation with the warehouse manager.
  14. In the case of power cables, the length of the pins may be limited to a maximum of 40 cm.
  15. It is the renter’s responsibility to look after any guests who sign up on arrival.
  16. Day visitors are not allowed to enter the car park, but are allowed to park in the car park opposite the information desk.
  17. From kl. 22:00 to 07:00 Driving on the site is not permitted. Subletting of the designated space may not take place.
  18. If the tenant wishes to go on vacation during the period covered by the rental agreement, the landlord reserves the right to dispose of the space.
  19. It should be noted that the tenant must indicate when the tenant will return.
  20. If there are any questions about a relationship related to the rental agreement or the conditions on the premises, the decision of the camp manager is crucial.
  21. If one or more provisions of this rental agreement are violated, the rental agreement is deemed to have been violated and the tenant can be excluded from the construction site immediately.
  22. Dråby Strand Camping is a quiet family place – there must be peace at night, from small. From 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., the barrier is closed for the same period.

If you are looking for a place with noise and hallucinations, Dråby Strand Camping is a bad choice.