Season pitches are only sold in person. If you are looking for a place with partying, noise and commotion. then Dråby Strand Camping is a bad choice.

Pre-season: from March 27 to June 30. Free choice of available seats from the 4th row
Full season: from March 27 to September 12.

Post-season: We refer to our “empty cart” offer, or ask for price.

The seasonal price includes 2 adults, children living at home and grandchildren under 13 years and 1 car, see rental conditions click here

Upon reservation, a deposit of DKK 1,000 is paid.
50% of the rent is payable on February 1st
50% of the rent is payable March 15th

Prices include 25% VAT. Reservations are made for price and tax changes, as well as typos.

Kategori Akr. 6.250,-kr. 16.600,-
Kategori B+kr. 5.400,-kr. 14.100,-
Kategori Bkr. 4.800,-kr. 12.400,-
Kategori Ckr. 3.800,-kr. 8.800,-
El-tilslutning/målerlejekr. 225,-kr. 400,-
El pr. 6,-kr. 6,-
Voksen udover de i sæsonen inkluderedekr. 800,-kr. 1.250,-
Tilmeldes ved sæsonstart
Barn udover de i sæsonen inkluderedekr. 400,-kr. 850,-
Tilmeldes ved sæsonstart
Sæson gæstekortkr. 300,-kr. 600,-
Gæsteovernatning voksenkr. 95,-kr. 95,-
Gæsteovernatning barnkr. 60,-kr. 60,-
Internet 1. enhedkr. 200,-kr. 350,-
Internet ekstra enhedkr. 50,-kr. 50,-
Ekstra bil på pladsenkr. 250,-kr. 450,-
Båd på pladsen inkl. bådoptrækkr. 550,-kr. 1100,-
Fiskerum, stortkr. 1100,-
Fiskerum. lillekr. 800,-